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     Lee & Burgess Associates of Colorado

Compensation Consulting Services

We specialize in developing compensation-related programs and services for the private and public sectors. The consultants of Lee & Burgess:

  • Assist with the development of strategic compensation philosophy.
  • Develop job classification and compensation systems to reinforce pay and objectives.
  • Develop accurate job descriptions and the procedures that allow clients to maintain them.
  • Develop performance management systems that link pay and performance.
  • Conduct comprehensive compensation and benefits surveys that help clients understand and respond to the market.
  • Develop approaches to individual, team, and workgroup incentive compensation that meet the unique needs of the client environment.
  • Develop and update human resources policies and procedures.
  • Train employees and managers on legal compliance, compensation issues, and performance management.
  • Develop sales compensation programs that focus on appropriate results and behaviors.
  • Design management bonus plans that tie rewards to company and individual performance.

    Lee & Burgess Associates of Colorado
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  If you have questions or would like additional information, please email us at information@leeandburgess.com