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Compensation Consulting The compensation consultants of Lee & Burgess assist clients in designing cash and benefits compensation management tools to generate employee productivity, organizational profitability, and success. A compensation plan is not just a cost of doing business but the first investment in doing it right.

Establishing fair and competitive salaries is one of your most important tasks as a manager. At Lee & Burgess we research your salary market, analyze your compensation strategy, and then develop a pay delivery system that is specific and customized to meet the needs of your organization. We take time to understand your needs, goals, and culture.

We focus on completing technical plan design tasks while guiding your managers and staff through the processes of developing a compensation system including job analysis, job descriptions, job evaluation, market studies, policies and procedures.

Our services do not stop after the development phase. We offer you implementation strategies, financial impact analysis, communication processes, and systematic methods to update and audit your compensation program you can manage it more skillfully.

Please contact one of our compensation experts to discover how Lee & Burgess can assist with your salary administration plans and strategy:

  • Thomas A. Haller
  • Karin S. Connell
  • Annette M. York
  • Kristi L. Rudy
  • Jennifer W. Tisdale

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