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     Lee & Burgess Associates of Colorado

Assistance to Small Business Services

Lee & Burgess helps smaller organizations understand and address many of the concerns and issues related to the management of people.

We provide senior human resources management expertise to smaller businesses on a part-time, cost-effective basis. Client companies benefit from our broad experience with human resource issues.

Working with the client company's executive management, Lee & Burgess develop creative, customized solutions to human resource issues which contribute to improving the organization's effectiveness. These solutions include:

  • Helping to develop and drive strategic priorities throughout the organization.
  • Building reward and recognition systems that reinforce both individual and team achievement of corporate goals and objectives.
  • Designing base and incentive compensation plans that motivate improved success.
  • Developing tangible measures and improvement strategies to recognize and realize the full potential of its work force.
  • Designing performance management systems that measure individual effectiveness.
  • Designing employee communications processes and media that reinforce program goals and strengthen employee buy-in.
  • Initiating or customizing quality management programs, processes, and training.
  • Realigning organizational structures to gain operating efficiencies and increase productivity.
  • Recruiting qualified executives and professionals who identify with management strategic direction.
  • Providing career management services for current or displaced employees.

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